A Surprised Teacher’s Day!

September 28 is the Teacher’s Day in Taiwan. Today, I was scheduled to fix software bugs for old customers even though I had pivoted to a new business, WUSON Private School, to teach CISSP courses since 2019 and no longer provide software development services. I was surprised when the flowers came and turned to write this Thank-You post.

The class of November 2021 presented a pot of flowers with the caption, “WUSON is the cradle of CISO.” It’s the highest compliment and reward to our volunteer coaches and me.. Thank you so much, guys! You are a model team of Gung Ho, which has positively influenced, motivated, inspired, and lead the coming classes in the WUSON Private School.

I would like to thank all the class members and the class coach team! It is your spirit of Gung Ho that makes dreams a reality!

Class Members

The Class Coach Team

Special thanks go to Joy and Steven for your long-term support and contributions.

I’m grateful for the trust and support from all the WUSON students and coaches! Thank you so much!

Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to all of you, guys, but I hope this post lasts as a mark.

We need 1500 Quality CISSPs in Taiwan!
Let’s keep moving to fulfill this vision!