Wentz QOTD Notice of Originality

Wentz QOTD

“All information security professionals who are certified by (ISC)² recognize that such certification is a privilege that must be both earned and maintained.”
Source: (ISC)² Code Of Ethics

I’m honored to be part of the CISSP community. Integrity and reputation matter a lot to me. As a CISSP, I’ve been actively contributing to the community, helping others, and strictly following the rules and compliance requirements. However, (ISC)² sent me a notice of infringement on April 28, 2021. I took immediate actions to clarify the situation and prove the originality of my CISSP practice questions (aka Wentz QOTD) upon receiving the notice.

The Assistant General Counsel, Alex H. Rosenfeld, Esq., replied to me on May 7, 2021, which states, “I have confirmed with our team that your questions are original, and you may disregard the notice that was sent.” I’m grateful for the efficient response and confirmation from (ISC)² and will continue to develop Wentz QOTD.

I sincerely appreciate firm supports from my students of WUSON CISSP classes, members of the Effective CISSP group, and the community. You guys have been motivating and inspiring me to move forward!

Special thanks go to the (ISC)² board director, Aloysius Cheang, for his facilitation of my case and deep support for the Taipei Chapter in Taiwan.

Special thanks go to the Lead trainer at ThorTeaches, Thor Pedersen, for his warm guidance on how to address this issue adequately.

Special thanks go to professors and members of the Certification Station on Discord for your attention and support for my case.

Best regards,
Wentz Wu


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CISSP考試心得 – 蔡明軒 (Albert Tsai)

蔡明軒 (Albert Tsai), 暫時通過CISSP考試, CCNA
蔡明軒 (Albert Tsai), 暫時通過CISSP考試, CCNA

~ 蔡明軒 (Albert Tsai), 暫時通過CISSP考試, CCNA

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Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer

Fake Facebook Account Copied My Picture
Fake Facebook Account Copied My Picture

I, Wentz Wu, am not affiliated, associated, or in any way connected with the fake Facebook account, its page, or any of its affiliates.

How disgraceful this fake Facebook account illegally used my photo, infringed copyright, and conducted illegal activities. I’ve reported this fake account, and Facebook has removed it.

Notice of Wentz QOTD

Dear all,

I just received the “Notice of Infringement” from ISC2, as the screenshot shows.

As you may know, I’ve been quite actively contributing to the community, helping others, and strictly following the rules and compliance requirements.

I’ve also spent much time “100% originally writingCISSP practice questions and explaining my suggested answers to help CISSP aspirants and contribute to the community, as most instructors have done. However, ISC2 officially expresses its concern and claims its copyright.

I am communicating with ISC2. If they insist that I shall follow its request to remove my QOTDs immediately and stop writing practice questions. I will do so per the request. If QOTDs are removed in the end, I hope discussions will continue!

Thank you for your active engagement!

Best regards,
Wentz, @Taiwan


Evidence of My Original Work

Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and Security Association (SA)

I came across this post about IKE and ISAKMP on Luke’s group and found it deserves further study. My suggested answers would be A (IKE) for the first question and D (ISAKMP) for the second because IKE is the implementation of ISAKMP. RFC 7296 “describes version 2 of the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol. IKE is a component of IPsec used for performing mutual authentication and establishing and maintaining Security Associations

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