Blogging or Taking Notes


WordPress is awesome and I am used to blogging with it to share and taking it, in fact, as a system for taking notes. As an IT specialist, an even more simple and handy system to take quick notes for learning or memorandum purposes is in need.

Today, I am glad to release and share with you the application, http://MyNotes.TW. MyNotes is a very simple application especially for IT specialists to take notes. It is because Bruce is learning programming techniques and new Microsoft technologies, and tons of problems, references, notes and so forth need to be recorded and organized that he decided to develop an application for himself.

Get Started to Take Notes with

MyNotes is hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Services and implemented with ASP.NET 4.5, Web Forms, Entity Framework and Telerik RadControls.

With special thanks to Microsoft, we received Microsoft Bizspark benefits and MyNotes goes on Azure.