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Cybersecurity is more crucial to the Taiwanese, who have a shared destiny than others because they face various foreign threats and international challenges. As a Taiwanese, Wentz Wu has a vision that “Taiwan needs 1500 quality CISSPs” and transformed the business in 2018 from infrastructure implementation, software development, and business consulting to cybersecurity education and training, mainly focusing on CISSP. His vision and strategic move align with Taiwan’s national cybersecurity strategy, “Cybersecurity as National Security” and the (ISC)² mission and vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world.

His intent to protect Taiwan from cyber threats relies on the strategy to boost the “number” and “quality” of CISSPs. He is committed to the following missions:

  1. promoting security awareness,
  2. developing quality workforces,
  3. inspiring professionals to give back,
  4. advancing the profession,
  5. connecting local communities to international society,
  6. protecting his country, and
  7. defending freedom and democracy.

The strategy formulated to achieve those committed missions and fulfill the vision comprises the following major strategic initiatives:

  1. WUSON Information Security Essentials – A Cybersecurity Conceptual Model (WISE Model),
  2. WUSON Private School (a school to promote CISSP and cybersecurity),
  3. WUSON Coaches (a non-profit organization of volunteer CISSP coaches),
  4. Effective Security (a program to promote effectiveness and cybersecurity),
  5. Elite Round Table in Taiwan (a webinar to share knowledge),
  6. Wentz’s Powerful Inquiry Coaching Session (PICS, a coaching program for CISSP aspirants),
  7. Social Media (a networking and branding program), and
  8. Global Connections (an internationalization program).

WUSON is an abbreviation that means the son of Wu’s family in memory of Wentz Wu’s beloved parents. The initiatives above are also known as the WUSON family or WUSON for short.

Wentz Wu is the co-founder of Amicliens Service Technology, creator of the WISE Model, Chief CISSP Trainer of WUSON Private School, founder of WUSON Coaches, author of three books, host of the Elite Round Table in Taiwan webinar, sponsor of the Effective Security, Social Media, and Global Connections programs.

He has worked in IT and Cybersecurity for over 20 years and received an EMBA from Troy University. He is proficient in several areas, such as business analysis, risk management, agile project management, information technologies, software engineering, and cybersecurity. He aims to apply his expertise to solve business problems, protect his country, and defend human rights.

His publications, certifications, and courses completed are listed as follows:

Wentz Wu lives in Taipei with his wife and a little kitty and loves reading.



The Effective CISSP - SRM

The Effective CISSP: Practice Questions

The Effective CISSP: Practice Questions

  1. The Effective CISSP: Security and Risk Management
  2. The Effective CISSP: Practice Questions
  3. The Effective CISSP: Practice Questions (Chinese version)
  4. Introduction to InfoSec Governance (Chinese online course)

Please visit Wentz’s Publications or Amazon Author page for more.

Chinese Profile: https://wentzwu.com/wentz-wu-cissp/

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  1. Just reviewed your profile, with my mouth wide open in awe! Simply too good to be true!
    Congrats Sir!

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  4. Dear Sir,
    What is the secret of your success, what’s the method ur are use to study . How u plan your golas in ur lifes. your advice highly appreciated.

    • Hi Vinod, thanks for your comment.

      Do what you love is the key. I’ve been devoted myself to IT for 20+ years and it is the passion that drives me forward along the way.

      I always set a goal before taking actions. It drives your time management, budgets, and communication. If you are interested in InfoSec exams, pls stick to official exam oulines, study guides, and practice sample questions to test your understanding.

      I shared my two cents for CISSP on https://wentzwu.com/cissp
      Hope this helps.

  5. So how does one registers for your CISSP exam prep course? I dont see on your site where the registration can be done

    • Hi Aref, my CISSP courses are publically available since last week, but they are currently delivered in Chinese and in Taipei only. I hope I can deliver my courses in English online in the future.

      I am answering questions and mentoring CISSP aspirants online to help them prepare for the exam for free or for skill exchange. If you have specific or individual requirements, pls feel free to let me know. I am glad to share my knowledge and experience with you.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      BTW, I’ve added the course registration link (https://wentzwu.com/courses-tw) but it’s for the Chinese courses in Taipei.

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  7. Remarkable!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge selflessly. Your determination and persistence is clearly showcasing your certified achievements.

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  11. Hi, Thank you so much for your insight and contributions. I am inspired by your life long learning very impressive. I wanted to reach out and dig deeper into what you referred to as “Progressive Learning in Parallel” I wasn’t sure how this works and fits in the TDS Type of study. Is this something I can use for any type of Study, are there deeper examples of how to apply. This is one area I have failed in, correct study method for years. Really appreciate you insight and knowledge on this topic. Thank you

    • Hi Mike, pleased to hear from you! Some people prefer to read from cover to cover in the very beginning when learning something new, but I don’t suggest it. “In serial” means you read chapter by chapter, while “in parallel” implies you learn based on a well-organized model. “Progressive Learning in Parallel” emphasizes iterative reading based on a “model” using the top-down approach. Please don’t dive into details at first. Research, discussion, courses, etc., help you build a model, a logical structure of a subject domain. “Logical” means not only the organization of the model but also the relationships between elements. If you can explain the model to others, you are in good shape to conduct iterative readings. This step takes some time.

      Test-driven study (TDS) is borrowed from test-driven development (TDD), a practice in the software development area. Before you start to read, you can take some practice questions first as a baseline. OSG provides 20 questions in each chapter. You can take those questions first, read the chapter, and then re-take those questions again. You will witness the progress.

      Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

  12. Hi, I am not able to find the ebook version of the Book ‘ Security and Risk Management’
    Can you please suggest some trusted site to purchase the ebook?

    Amazon says ‘The Kindle title is not currently available for purchase’.

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