Wentz Wu

Wentz Wu, also known as Bruce in Taiwan, is the co-founder of Amicliens and has been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years. He is devoted to applying information technologies to solve business problems, delivering training and education courses, and giving back to the community.

In his professional career, Wentz is skilled at implementing IT infrastructure and cloud services, developing quality software, conducting a comprehensive business analysis, managing projects with agility, and advising and delivering practical business solutions.

With solid technical background and business savvy, Wentz comprehensively delivers the CISSP course based on the Amicliens InfoSec Conceptual Model, which effectively addresses the official ISC2 CISSP exam outline.

As a lifelong learner, Wentz demonstrates his endeavor and achievement as follows:
– SCRUM: PSM Level I/PSPO Level I/PSD Level I
– ISO 27001 LA/ISO 27701 LA Courses Completed


  1. The Effective CISSP: Security and Risk Management
  2. The Effective CISSP: Practice Questions
  3. Introduction to InfoSec Governance (Chinese online course)

Please visit Wentz’s Publications or Amazon Author page for more.


Interviews and Videos in Chinese

13 thoughts on “Wentz Wu

  1. Just reviewed your profile, with my mouth wide open in awe! Simply too good to be true!
    Congrats Sir!

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  4. Dear Sir,
    What is the secret of your success, what’s the method ur are use to study . How u plan your golas in ur lifes. your advice highly appreciated.

    • Hi Vinod, thanks for your comment.

      Do what you love is the key. I’ve been devoted myself to IT for 20+ years and it is the passion that drives me forward along the way.

      I always set a goal before taking actions. It drives your time management, budgets, and communication. If you are interested in InfoSec exams, pls stick to official exam oulines, study guides, and practice sample questions to test your understanding.

      I shared my two cents for CISSP on https://wentzwu.com/cissp
      Hope this helps.

  5. So how does one registers for your CISSP exam prep course? I dont see on your site where the registration can be done

    • Hi Aref, my CISSP courses are publically available since last week, but they are currently delivered in Chinese and in Taipei only. I hope I can deliver my courses in English online in the future.

      I am answering questions and mentoring CISSP aspirants online to help them prepare for the exam for free or for skill exchange. If you have specific or individual requirements, pls feel free to let me know. I am glad to share my knowledge and experience with you.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      BTW, I’ve added the course registration link (https://wentzwu.com/courses-tw) but it’s for the Chinese courses in Taipei.

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