Information Security


Information Security is a discipline to protect information and information systems from threats through security controls to:

  1. achieve the objectives of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, or CIA for short,
  2. support the organizational mission and processes, and
  3. create and deliver values.

The definition of Information Security is revised as Information Security is a business issue and should be aligned with the business mission, goals, and strategies, enable and streamline business processes, and create and deliver values ultimately.

Case Study – AmyPro Consultant


  • AmyPro Consultant is headquartered in Taipei with a branch in New York, US.
  • An offshore software partner in Bengaluru, India develops and maintains the proprietary CRM system.
  • Staff is working on-site in Taipei, on the road, and from home.
  • How do you implement and support the secure network?

Intonation Patterns

  • Different Patterns of Intonation
    • Rising: sentence not finished
    • Failing: end of a sentence
    • Rising-falling
    • Falling-rising
    • Flat
    • High
    • Low
  • New Information vs. Old Information
    • Rising: old information
    • Failing: new information
  • Intonation in Questions
    • Rising: you think you know the answer
    • Failing: you already have some idea of the answer but don’t know it. You just ask to check or confirm that your idea is right.
  • More Ways to Use Intonation in Questions
    • Rising: criticizing someone
    • Falling: make a comment
    • Rising(indirect,hesitant)/Falling(direct,confident): make a suggestion
    • Surprise, Doubt, Excitement, Sarcasm, and Annoyance
  • Practice Sentences
    • Do you need some help?