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The following article has an in-depth analysis of CISSP and CISM.

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CISSP is one of the most challenging exams ever because of its comprehensive perspectives and requirements of solid conceptual level understanding and in-depth insights into managerial and technical issues.

It’s comprehensive, and you have to think from a variety of perspectives, such as board director, senior management, CISO, auditor, legal counsel, purchasing and HR staff, engineer, developer, project and program manager, end-user, attacker, and so forth. Experience or certifications of PMP, ITIL/ITSM, or CCNA help quite a bit.

To start your CISSP journey, please download The CISSP Exam Outline first. Read and explain it to your friends until you can do that well and feel confident. The Sybex CISSP Official Study Guide (OSG) 8th is a tutorial to help you understand the CISSP exam outline. The Official ISC2 Guide to the CISSP CBK Reference 5th explains the CISSP exam outline in detail. It’s crucial to browse the CBK suggested references and read the NIST Special Publications enlisted.

The CISSP exam, from my point of view, can be divided into two parts: management (Domain 1,2,5,6, and 7) and technology (Domain 3,4, and 8). It’s a body of knowledge, not a collection of discrete knowledge points.

ExamPrep Strategy

Wuson’s CISSP Exam Prep Strategy

Wuson’s CISSP Exam Prep Strategy

The keys to success are the effectiveness of your study plan, persistence, discipline, and communication with and support of your family and boss.

Conceptual Model as a Blueprint


Amicliens InfoSec Conceptual Model


My new book, The Effective CISSP: Security and Risk Management, helps CISSP aspirants build a solid conceptual security model. It is not only a tutorial for information security but also a study guide for the CISSP exam and informative reference for security professionals.

ExamPrep Resources

The Effective CISSP – SRM is a good starter before you dive into other study guides.

CISSP Exam Prep Materials

CISSP Exam Prep Materials

The following web sites have more:

  1. SNT Study Resources
  2. Thor Teaches Study resources


  1. The CISSP Exam Outline
  2. The Effective CISSP: Security and Risk Management
  3. (ISC)2 CISSP Official Study Guide, 8th Edition (OSG)
  4. The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK Reference, 5th Edition (CBK)
  5. CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, 8th Edition (AIO)
  6. CBK Suggested References


  1. (ISC)² Certification Webcasts
  2. Kelly Handerhan@Cybrary
  3. CISSP Shon Harris
  4. CISSP MasterClass™ (FREE) – Mission 1000 CISSP’s In 2020!
  5. CISSP Domain 2 Review by Destination Certification

Auxiliary Notes

Practice Questions

  1. Wentz’s CISSP Practice Questions (QOTD)
  2. QOTD by Adam Gordon
  3. QOTD by Colin Weaver
  4. CISSP Practice Exams (AIO/FREE)
  5. Boson
  6. CCCure

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