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TFS service now supports git repository for source control, while on premise TFS will gain this support in the next major release of the product (no date available). The native TFS source control is good enough and the support for git is great. We’ve got used to the online centralized TFS source control repository. However, we got to work with the eclipse IDE in a recent project. Since TFS service supports git repository, we don’t have to setup new source control system for git now.

TFS as a git server supports git repository and any standard git client can connect to it. Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 CTP 2 supports git client. In the eclipse IDE, developers can install egit plug-in from the update site, say, If you prefer to command line or file explorer shell extensions, Git for Windows and/or TortoiseGit are ideal candidates.


Bruce Passed MS Exam 70-480


Bruce passed the Microsoft Exam 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 on Jan 5th, 2013. This exam is quite straightforward. I found the following materials helpful:

Bruce’s nLabs Blog Reader, Release 2 Passed Certification

Bruce's nLabs Blog Reader - Release 2

Bruce’s nLabs Blog Reader – Release 2

Bruce’s nLabs Blog Reader – Release 2 passed the certification and is now available in the Windows Store. This application is an RSS/ATOM reader which subscribes to some feeds from Bruce’s nLabs Blog by default. Users can read posts from Bruce’s nLabs Blog and his favorite collections, subscribe to up to 5 feeds from other web sites (custom feeds), unsubscribe custom feeds, receive subscription indication from live tile badge, roam the list of subscriptions to the cloud with Microsoft Account, read posts in snapped or fill view and share posts with friends. This application supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, requires internet access and Microsoft Account. It supports both RSS and ATOM feeds.

This release supports the following features:

  1. subscribe to feeds from Bruce’s nLabs Blog
  2. subscribe to up to 5 feeds from other sites (custom feeds)
  3. unsubscribe custom feeds
  4. roam the list of subscriptions to the cloud with Microsoft Account
  5. refresh subscriptions manually
  6. indicate the number of subscriptions with live tile badge
  7. share posts with friends
  8. support snapped and fill view
  9. support English (en-US), Traditional Chinese (zh-TW), and Simplified Chinese (zh-CN)
  10. support RSS and ATOM feeds

Install Bruce’s nLabs Blog Reader and Subscribe the following syndication now:

Bruce’s nLabs Blog Reader, Release 1 Passed Certification

Bruce's nLabs Blog Reader on the Windows Store

My first Windows Store App, Bruce’s nLabs Blog Reader – Release 1, passed the certification and is now available in the Windows Store. This application retrieves posts from Bruce’s nLabs Blog and Bruce’s favorite sties. The list of subscriptions or feeds, however, is maintained by Bruce and so, it is read-only currently. Its features are summarized as follows:

  • retrieve posts (ATOM feeds) from Bruce’s nLabs Blog
  • share posts with friends
  • localized user interface for English (en-US) and Traditional Chinese (zh-TW)

I got a good start from the MSDN tutorial, Part 6: Create a blog reader (Windows Store apps using JavaScript and HTML) (Windows). If you are interested in developing Windows Store Apps, read and study the materials from Dev Center – Windows Store Apps. It’s informative.

Concerning the app certification process, I was rejected twice before passing the certification because of privacy information, certification language and screenshots:

  • Developers must provide privacy information or policy in the app, usually an About or Privacy page in the settings charm.
  • The strings in an app must be stored in the resource file (say, in the path /strings/en-US/resources.resjson) so that the app can load the right string based on the user’s locality. Android developers take it for granted and feel happy about this because it’s a convention and they are always doing so. (Microsoft should consider including a default language resource file in the project template just like what Android Development Tools in Eclipse does.)
  • Even though your app supports en-US only, you can select all the countries as your markets. en-Us is called certification language that is unrelated to your markets.
  • If your app supports multiple certification languages, you must describe your app in details with each language. These descriptions will be displayed on the Windows Store based on the user’s location and language. A wizard will guide you to complete this.
  • Take screenshots with the Visual Studio 2012 simulator and follow the image format that Microsoft specified. If your app supports multiple languages, provide enough or the maximum of 8 screenshots to prove your app is fully localized.

To sum up, the certification process is quite simple and efficient. Just read the Windows 8 app certification requirements, develop your app based on it, describe your app well and write a good notes for testers so as to communicate your app well and the certification process will be a happy experience.

JavaScript Intellisense Not Working on Visual Studio 2010

We are using JavaScript to manipulate the HTML document or more specifically, the DOM (document object model). jQuery as a JavaScript framework now seems to be the first choice of developers for efficiency and productivity. You can use NuGet to install the jQuery package in the Visual Studio 2012, which supports JavaScript intellisense very well.

To be reminded that we are programming against an HTML document with JavaScript or jQuery, just remember to establish some kind of connection between the HTML document and the JavaScript files or the JavaScript intellisense won’t work properly. You would receive the following message:

intellisense was unable to determine an accurate completion list for this expression, The provided list contains all identifiers in the file

If you installed jQuery from NuGet and JavaScript intellisense won’t work, do either of the following:

  • in the HTML document, add the <script> tag  to import your JavaScript file or
  • at the beginning of your JavaScript file, add a remarked reference to the HTML document you’re working with
    /// <reference path=”../default.html” />
    You can drag and drop the HTML document into the JavaScript file if you are using Visual Studio 2012

JavaScriptIntellisenseHTML JavaScriptIntellisensSource

Visual Studio 2012 Windows 8 Apps Simulator won’t Start

To start debugging in Visual Studio 2012 (VS 2012), you have three options: simulator, local machine and remote machine. VS 2012 comes along with a Windows 8 apps simulator which is awesome in that developers can test their apps from different kinds of perspectives, eg. landscape/portrait, screen resolutions, gestures and geolocations.

However, if you have a VPN connection activated when debugging, the simulator may not start properly. It occurs especially when the Windows account you logged on is different from the one that you use to authenticate to the remote VPN server.

If your Windows 8 apps simulator fails to start, just enable “Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain, if nay)“.