Bruce Passed CISSP Exam on 19th Jun

CISSP Text.jpg

Special thanks to Luke Ahmed and his Facebook Group: CISSP Exam Preparation – Study Notes and Theory.

After a prolonged 2-month journey that takes 250 hours in 45 effective study days, I finally cleared the CISSP exam today. Thanks to the new CAT examination with 100 questions in 3 hours, the threshold to obtaining CISSP is lowered to a reasonable level, even though it is still quite challenging.

It’s nice that the CISSP exam is reasonably challenging. I wish you all the best to clear it ASAP.

The following resources are helpful to me:

PS. I am sorry to let you know that I’ve attended the official CISSP classroom-based training in Taipei and it’s a total waste of money and disappointing. The text for this class from ISC2 is just a bunch of slides with terribly poor quality and the instructor, from my point of view, is not prepared and qualified for this class either.