Intonation Patterns

  • Different Patterns of Intonation
    • Rising: sentence not finished
    • Failing: end of a sentence
    • Rising-falling
    • Falling-rising
    • Flat
    • High
    • Low
  • New Information vs. Old Information
    • Rising: old information
    • Failing: new information
  • Intonation in Questions
    • Rising: you think you know the answer
    • Failing: you already have some idea of the answer but don’t know it. You just ask to check or confirm that your idea is right.
  • More Ways to Use Intonation in Questions
    • Rising: criticizing someone
    • Falling: make a comment
    • Rising(indirect,hesitant)/Falling(direct,confident): make a suggestion
    • Surprise, Doubt, Excitement, Sarcasm, and Annoyance
  • Practice Sentences
    • Do you need some help?

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