Effective CISSP Questions

A host with an IP address,, sends ICMP control messages of Echo Request to but receives no response because requests timed out. Which of the following is the most likely cause?
A. The destination ignores the requests, or the network is jammed.
B. The default gateway of the host is not properly configured.
C. The routing table of the gateway doesn’t converge.
D. The destination resides in another broadcast domain.

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Effective CISSP Questions

Your company sells toys online worldwide. A web-based E-Commerce system developed in-house and deployed to a public cloud supports the business. The EC system accepts credit cards and processes personal data. Which of the following addresses those concerns and provides the best assurance?
B. Risk Assessment
C. Security Assessment
D. Third-party Audit

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Financial Viability of Controls


FINANCIAL Viability of Controls

Courtesy of Sven De Preter

This concise document is the courtesy of Sven De Preter (The Strategist of the new study group, Certification Stage) and shared with his permission.

Sven adds a new perspective, CAPEX, OPEX, and TCO, on top of the concept of ALE (Annual Loss Expectancy) introduced in most of the CISSP study guides.

  • CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) as initial costs
  • OPEX (Operational Expenditure) as ongoing costs
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


Effective CISSP Questions

Your company sells toys online worldwide. A web-based E-Commerce system developed in-house and deployed to a public cloud supports the business. As a security professional, you suggest penetration testing should be conducted. Which of the following is your most concern?
A. The decision of employment of internal or external pentesting team
B. The capability and experience of the pentesting team
C. The procedure that the pentesting team asks for permission to conduct pentesting
D. The escalation path to the senior management if testing takes down the system

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Effective CISSP Questions

As a CISO, you issue a policy that mandates every employee shall be aware of social engineering attacks. A supporting standard is then developed that requires everyone shall accept at least three or more hours of awareness training each year. Which of the following activities is the best upcoming activity conducted to enforce the policy?
A. Penetration testing
B. Security assessment
C. Vulnerability assessment
D. Risk assessment

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Last Call for Promotion! The Effective CISSP: SRM

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Highly recommended for every information security consultant ,especially if you want planing to pass the CISSP exam.
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My rate – 5 of 5 stars.

pascual del rosario

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There’s no better way to name this book other than “The Effective CISSP”. The author has a great outline of objectives for those looking to obtain the CISSP certification. It is spelled out that the official isc2 book should still be your main resource for studying for this exam. This book highlights all of the main objectives for the exam and really gives you a high level (managerial) way of thinking which is what’s ultimately needed for this exam. Strongly encourage anyone studying to read this book during and right before taking this exam.

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I was so happy to hear Mr. Wu talk about this book he was writing and coming out soon. I waited for months for this book and I knew it would be worth the wait. It definitely is worth it and I’m so glad it’s now available during my CISSP studies!

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The book is an excellent write up by the author. It goes in great detail explaining the core concepts of Risk management processes which is one of challenging domain of CISSP exam. I highly recommend this book if you are weak in this domain.

Brad E.


Ohhhhhhh I wish I had this book when I was preparing for the CISSP exam last year!!! I bought my copy the day after it came out and the book instantly became a cherished favorite of mine!! Wentz knows how to write a well-polished, captivating showpiece. This is not your ordinary book that you read once and then put back on the shelf. This is something that you should treasure and keep as a prized collection!! As somebody who has taken the exam before, I can say that one of the CISSP exam’s MAIN focus is on the roles and responsibilities of risk management. So it’s no wonder why I’m stressing that everybody should get this book!! You will see various security models, straightforward breakdowns of CISSP concepts and vocabulary terms, review questions, well-written references for ISO/NIST standards, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!! Trust me, you will definitely love this book and won’t be disappointed in adding it to your CISSP study materials!! Put this as a priority!!!

P.S.: The image is a photo of The Effective CISSP book that I bought for my Amazon Kindle Fire.

Amazon Reviews, India

Sagar Bansal

Deep Dive Knowledge

I think Wentz has done a marvelous work with this book.

It’s not a CISSP cheatsheet like passing material.

I think this book is for serious people who actually want to study the subject in deep and want to gain expertise.

There are tons of mind maps amd charts in the book which made reading and remembering stuff easier.

In short, Highly Recommended

Basant Kumar Sharma

It’s a good collection on multiple aspects

It’s have good and understandable content,it may help to gain more knowledge on Domain 1 in Cissp, hope may help to gain more knowledge on R&A


Effective CISSP Questions

Your company decides to sell toys online worldwide, which will be supported by a three-tiered web-based E-Commerce system developed in-house. The web servers for the production environment have been implemented but not baselined and approved by the management. After the stress testing, the system engineer proposes that the memory size of the database server should be expanded to 64GB to meet the performance target. If the memory modules needed are available, which of the following should the system engineer do first?
A. Install the memory modules and conduct another run of stress testing
B. Submit a request for configuration change
C. Justify the change to the change control board (CCB)
D. Document security implications in the change request

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