ISC2 member counts

isc member counts_2018

The latest InfoSec professionals statistics according to the ISC2 member counts as of Dec 31, 2018.

  • Compared with the number as of June 1st, 2018, CISSP increases by 3 in Taiwan, while CCSP, CSSLP and ISSEP increase by 1 respectively. Wentz Wu is one of the increases.
  • There is a decrease of CISSP in Korea, ISSEP in India, ISSMP in Singapre and Hong Kong.
  • The CCSP  certification grows fast.

What do you think a leader is?

quotes about leadership, flying ducks in an arrow

A leader is anyone that sets the direction, influences, supports and develops people so that they are willing to follow him or her and work together to achieve agreed-upon goals.

A leader doesn’t have to be a manager. The key characteristic of a leader is the influence. Someone in management positions with formal power has influence, while the other with moral beauty is respected and his or her words are followed. In either case, they all have influence over people, exercise leadership, and hence a leader.

  • Visioning
  • The sources of influence
  • Servant leader
  • Team building
  • Collaboration
  • Smart goals


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Sprinting with Cerebral Palsy | Dave Dame

  • Setting the vision
  • Embracing the vulnerability of losing control
  • Having resilience to continue to try again and again

“why did you never build that ramp for me and he said that simple, I’m not always gonna be here to build ramps for you. You’re gonna have to learn to climb and struggle when I’m no longer here. Two days later, he passed away.”

I am so touched by his father’s love.