Notice of Wentz QOTD

Dear all,

I just received the “Notice of Infringement” from ISC2, as the screenshot shows.

As you may know, I’ve been quite actively contributing to the community, helping others, and strictly following the rules and compliance requirements.

I’ve also spent much time “100% originally writingCISSP practice questions and explaining my suggested answers to help CISSP aspirants and contribute to the community, as most instructors have done. However, ISC2 officially expresses its concern and claims its copyright.

I am communicating with ISC2. If they insist that I shall follow its request to remove my QOTDs immediately and stop writing practice questions. I will do so per the request. If QOTDs are removed in the end, I hope discussions will continue!

Thank you for your active engagement!

Best regards,
Wentz, @Taiwan


Evidence of My Original Work

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