Wentz QOTD Notice of Originality

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Wentz Wu, A Creator, and Contributor.

“All information security professionals who are certified by (ISC)² recognize that such certification is a privilege that must be both earned and maintained.”
Source: (ISC)² Code Of Ethics

I’m honored to be part of the CISSP community. Integrity and reputation matter a lot to me. As a CISSP, I’ve been actively contributing to the community, helping others, and strictly following the rules and compliance requirements. However, (ISC)² sent me a notice of infringement on April 28, 2021. I took immediate actions to clarify the situation and prove the originality of my CISSP practice questions (aka Wentz QOTD) upon receiving the notice.

The (ISC)² Assistant General Counsel, Alex H. Rosenfeld, Esq., replied to me on May 7, 2021, which states, “I have confirmed with our team that your questions are original, and you may disregard the notice that was sent.” I’m grateful for the efficient response and confirmation from (ISC)² and will continue to develop Wentz QOTD.

I sincerely appreciate firm supports from my students of WUSON CISSP classes, members of the Effective CISSP group, and the community. You guys have been motivating and inspiring me to move forward!

Special thanks go to the (ISC)² board director, Aloysius Cheang, for his facilitation of my case and deep support for the Taipei Chapter in Taiwan.

Special thanks go to the Lead trainer at ThorTeaches, Thor Pedersen, for his warm guidance on how to address this issue adequately.

Special thanks go to professors and members of the Certification Station on Discord for your attention and support for my case.

Best regards,
Wentz Wu


Wentz QOTD CISSP練習題原創聲明


我很榮幸能成為CISSP社群的一分子。誠信和聲譽對我很重要。身為CISSP,我一直在為社群做出積極的貢獻、為他人提供幫助,並嚴格遵守相關的規則和符合性(compliance)要求。但是,(ISC)²於2021年4月28日向我發送了侵權通知。收到通知後,我立即採取行動以澄清實際狀況,並證明我的CISSP練習題(也稱為Wentz QOTD)的原創性。

助理法律總顧問Alex H. Rosenfeld, Esq.在2021年5月7日給我的回覆中說:“我已與我們的團隊確認您的問題是原創的,您可以不理會已發送的通知。” 感謝(ISC)²能迅速回覆並確認,我將會繼續發展Wentz QOTD。

我衷心感謝WUSON CISSP的學員、Effective CISSP群組成員,和CISSP社群的堅定支持。你們一直在激勵和鼓舞我前進!

特別感謝(ISC)²董事, Aloysius Cheang, 對我的案子的協助,以及對我們台灣台北分會的大力支持。

特別感謝ThorTeaches的首席培訓師Thor Pedersen,謝謝他熱情的指導我如何妥善地處理這個問題。

特別感謝Discord的Certification Station群組的教授和成員對我的關注和支持。

Best regards,
吳文智/Wentz Wu


2 thoughts on “Wentz QOTD Notice of Originality

  1. I’m happy that this was worked out, but concerned that it could happen at all. How did ISC2 come to “swear under penalty of perjury” that they are the copyright holder of your questions?

    • Yes, I was wondering about that. However, ISC2 replied and confirmed that I could ignore the notice; it comes to an end after all. Thank you for following this out-of-blue issue, GS:)

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