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19 Exams in 9 Months, 2018
19 Exams in 9 Months, 2018

After working in the IT industry for 26 years or so, I successfully achieved my annual goals in 2018, passing 19 exams in 9 months, which resumed my instructor career.

Wentz QOTD is the essence of my experience and knowledge across business, IT, security, engineering, and management domains. I do my best and spend much time writing each question and justification and controlling quality. They can be hard, but the real value is on my justification and explanation. However, to err is human. My suggested answers won’t always be correct, and that’s why I “suggest” my answer.

Please be patient and don’t be frustrated by my QOTDs. If you can challenge my perspective or learn something from my blog posts, you are an effective learner! I believe you will enjoy the journey and pass the exam as expected.

I hope this group, Effective CISSP (https://www.facebook.com/groups/EffectiveCISSP), will keep growing in momentum. If you feel like it is helpful, please share my group and QOTD with your friends and invite them to join this group.

Thank you very much for your kind support! 


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