My Annual Goals for 2021

The Year of 2020!

As the year 2020 is drawing to an end, I started to review my annual goals. I’m delighted to have achieved the following:

  • Study Guide
  • Wentz QOTD
    • Shared 365 QOTDs online for free at a persistent pace.
    • Translated them into Chinese.
    • Compiled them into two books (English and Chinese) and published them on Amazon.
  • Community
    • The Effective CISSP facebook group grows to 4K members or so.
    • The blog of Wentz Wu grows by 373% in terms of page views (229K) and 167% (40.5K) for visitors.
    • Provided coach services through at least 5 sessions of Wentz’s PICS.
    • Created social media channels.
  • Courses
    • Improved CISSP Courseware, V1.2.
    • CISSP pass rate: 45.5% ~ 54.5% (as of 2020/12/31, estimated).
    • Organized a coaching team attempting SCRUM.
  • Branding
    • Sky helped design WUSON’s T-Shirt. Thank you, Sky!
    • Conducted organic Google SEO with keywords: Wentz Wu, Wentz QOTD, CISSP QOTD
WUSON's T-Shirt
WUSON’s T-Shirt

My Annual Goals for 2021

  • Study Guide
    • Publish my 2nd study guide, The Effective CISSP: Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Wentz QOTD
    • Publish Sudoku 365, Volume II
    • Develop WUSON’s Test Bank (WUSON, the son of Wu’s family)
  • Community
    • The Effective CISSP facebook group grows to 6.5K members.
    • The blog’s annual page views: 250K.
    • Share videos.
    • Hold Wentz’s PICS.
    • Activate LINE and Telegraph groups.
  • Courses
    • Release CISSP Courseware, V1.3.
    • Improve CISSP pass rate: 65%.
    • Conduct coaching team training for SCRUM.
  • Branding
    • Stay on the first page of organic Google search with the keyword, CISSP, in Taiwan
    • Design WUSON’s schoolbag

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