Bruce Passed IIBA-CBAP on March 25, 2019



Today, I luckily passed the IIBA CBAP exam with around 30 study hours and 20+ years of IT experience. It is undoubtedly one of the most challenging exams I have ever had. This exam is based on 50% of a solid understanding of the BABOK and 50% of the field experience from my point of view. I am really impressed by the scenario-based questions and case studies, even though I’ve passed some challenging exams such as PMP, ACP, CISM, and/or CISSP.

Here is my exam strategy:

  1. Register as an IIBA member and download the BABOK.
  2. Buy the CBAP Certification Study Guide v3.0 from Watermark Learning
  3. Read BABOK, then Watermark Guide
  4. Subscribe the free Watermark online study exam for 5 days and renew it for one month
  5. Schedule the exam when my Watermark scores 60%
  6. Goal! Today!

As I’ve been working in the IT industry for 20+ years, I feel quite comfortable about software development project and requirement engineering. We develop quality software with the domain-driven and agile approach in mind and communicate using UML. The following books I read years ago lay the foundation of our software development approach:

Today is my day having passed my CBAP as I have cataract surgery on Friday and tight schedule after that.

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