Manage to Succeed in Your CISSP Exam

What is Management?

Critical Success Factors

The CISSP exam is undoubtedly challenging, but you can manage to succeed as I did.
The following are the critical success factors:
  1. Discipline and Commitment
  2. SMART Goals and Study Plan
  3. Effective Study Materials
  4. Effective and Efficient Study Approach

Discipline and Commitment

  • Keep studying every day. It’s more effective to study constantly than intermittently.
  • Reserve enough funds for your CISSP.

SMART Goals and Study Plan

  • Determine your exam date. You don’t have to register and pay for the exam immediately, but I encourage you to do so in the beginning. If you feel that you are not well prepared one week before your exam date, reschedule it.
  • Evaluate how many study hours you will spend preparing for the CISSP exam. In my opinion, 250-hour is a ballpark figure for your reference. Work experience related to general management, project management, ITIL foundation, and network essentials helps.

Effective Study Materials

  • Get one and only one study guide as your primary source; If you are affordable, a second source isn’t a bad idea. I recommend the ISC2 official study guide from Sybex as the primary.
  • Make good use of the practice questions and other resources companioned with the study guide. Typically, you can register the book online to get access to the online practice questions.
  • Get a reliable source of questions for more practice.
  • Before you sit for the CISSP exam, practice at least 2500 questions.

Effective and Efficient Study Approach

  • Keep a constant and stable pace of study.
  • Use the top-down approach. Building the high-level conceptual model of information security (your study blueprint) in the first one or two weeks is crucial. Don’t dive into the details in the beginning.
  • Weigh concepts over the facts. Please do understand how the principles, processes, lifecycles, and frameworks work and how to apply them in practice. Rote learning or memorizing everything doesn’t work.
  • Study information security with a business mindset. Relate what you have learned to your job; that is, study to solve problems and deliver values.

My Journey to Success

Get Started Your CISSP Journey!

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