Wentz’s PICS

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I am happy to announce Wentz’s PICS for CISSP is now available to my readers for free.

Wentz’s PICS

Wentz’s Powerful Inquiry Coaching Session (PICS) is a coaching service conducted in the form of a small group. It features a highly interactive to-the-point process of questioning and answering. It used to be a one-on-one service that is now extended to a small group and applied in the area of CISSP preparation.

Wentz’s PICS for CISSP

Wentz’s PICS is free for readers of Wentz’s book, The Effective CISSP: Security and Risk Management. It is Wentz’s initiative of a one-hour session to help readers to think about some essential issues and read the book more effectively and efficiently.

Please visit Wentz’s PICS CISSP for details.


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