Means, End, and Purpose

CISSP Practice Questions

What is the primary purpose of Change Management?

  • What is or how do you define Change Management?
    What is the context or scope when we are talking about Change Management? The general business setting, project management, or the given context of information security?
    How and why do you evaluate the change request? Is it the CCB, Change Control Board?
  • What is the “primary purpose”?
    Can you prepare a list of reasons to conduct Change Management, prioritize or sort them, and identify the first or top reason?

This is an interesting question for us to think about. The following is the definition of common words or terminologies we used in daily life:

  • The “end” is a goal or desired result.
  • The “means” is a method; an action or system by which a result is achieved.
  • The “purpose” is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. It answers why.

A goal (end) is justified by explaining the reasons (purpose) and achieved by taking actions (means). Reasons are driven by values while actions are directed by the strategy.

What is Primary?

I would define “primary” as the first or top item of the prioritized or sorted list. The secondary follows immediately the primary. The items in the list are prioritized or sorted by certain criteria.

I also treat “main” as a synonym of “primary”.

What is Change Management Anyway?


What is Strategic Planning?


What is Management?


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