Taiwan as an Independent State

We don’t have to declare independence because Taiwan has been an independent country with a unique identity since the first Taiwan presidential election in 1996.
What we need is a legitimate name to distinguish Taiwan from the PRC, while the current legacy, ROC, is a burden for Taiwan.

The status quo is about or must be defined as “peace”, not the sovereignty status of Taiwan, and it must be maintained by both the parties across the Taiwan Strait and enforced by third-parties.

I believe we all treasure the universal values of human rights, democracy, freedom, and the choice at our own discretion of lifestyle. What we should do now is being aware of our shared values and destiny, being proud of our identity as a Taiwanese, getting united as a whole, connecting to the world, and being ambitious and optimistic to travel in China with the Taiwan passport someday.

Human nature is the truth of the universe. The ruling of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is against it and won’t last for long.

Response to: https://taipeiteentribune.com/taiwan-shouldnt-declare-independence


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