Is the CISSP Exam Hard?

CISSP Exam Prep Materials

Nope. It just takes time. How long it takes for you to succeed in the CISSP exam depends on your background, study strategy, execution, and determination.


Business mindset, concepts of general management, strategic management, project management, and the experience of IT service management and system engineering help a lot.

Being aware of that CISSP is a US-based certification also helps. It reminds you of the importance of understanding the US government structure, laws and regulations, and NIST guidelines.

Study Strategy

Rushing for reading CISSP books page by page is a disaster. Preparing for CISSP is a project. You have to develop a project plan, manage the scope, schedule, and cost, and communicate with your stakeholders effectively. Your families are the most crucial stakeholders. Good communication with them is the most crucial success factor.

The CISSP Exam Outline defines the scope of the exam. Study without it is like driving without a map or navigation system. You’re gonna get lost or wasting time.

A smart goal needs a specific deadline. Determining your exam date is the first step to success. Develop a reasonable schedule based on the scope and gap analysis of your knowledge. Don’t over plan.

CISSP is an investment in your expertise and profession. Based on your financial situation to develop a cost budget. Justify your investment in CISSP in terms of ROI, return on investment. You have to realize you really need it so that you are willing to invest in it. Your expenditure makes “I hope” and “I wish” become “I will.”

Wuson’s CISSP Exam Prep Strategy


Stable progress, transparency, and persistence are the key points of execution. Studying every day, understanding your progress, being transparent to and supported by your study partners, and persisting with a stable pace make you succeed.


You develop a plan, execute based on the plan, review your progress, and correct and improve to keep moving toward success. However, no perfect plan can guarantee you to pass the CISSP exam in the first attempt. Our objective is to pass the CISSP exam. there always exist risks affecting our objective.

Failure makes success. Should you fail, don’t give up! Determination makes you succeed.

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