Some Thoughts on CISSP

The Cynefin Framework
The Cynefin Framework

Simple, Easy, and Straightforward

Simple” is an objective property of things. “Easy” is one’s subjective perception of things. “Straightforward” refers to one can easily complete a simple thing.

Is CISSP simple? Most CISSP or security principles and concepts are simple and easy to be aware of or learn, but some are complicated, and still, some others are complex or even chaotic. The Cynefin framework or Stacey model explains the concept of simple, complicated, complex, and chaotic quite well.

Is CISSP easy? It depends because it’s your subjective perception. I encourage students to treat it as easy preemptively but prepare for it cautiously and diligently.

Is CISSP straightforward? It’s absolutely not. CISSP is not just cramming, studying, and learning; integrity, life-long learning, sharing, practicing, and walking what you’re talking about are indisposable ingredients.


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