SEMI Standards Program

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SEMI Standards Program

The SEMI International Standards Program is one of the key services offered by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) for the benefit of the worldwide semiconductor, photovoltaic (PV), LED, MEMS and flat panel display (FPD) industries. Standards offer a way to meet the challenges of increasing productivity while enabling business opportunities around the globe. The program, started over 40 years ago in North America, was expanded in 1985 to include programs in Europe and Japan, and now also has technical committees in China, Korea and Taiwan.

SEMI Standards and Smart Manufacturing

While the concept of smart manufacturing is receiving increased attention in recent times, the SEMI Standards Program has for many years been developing the fundamental standards that enable today’s highly adaptive, self-diagnosing, and interoperable fabs. Since the initial publication of the original SEMI Equipment Communication Standard (SECS-I), E4, in the early 1980s, the SEMI Standards Information and Control Committee has continuously responded to the needs of the industry. Major cost reductions and efficiency improvements in factory integration were realized through SECS and GEM (Generic Equipment Model) in the 1990s, as equipment behavior became standardized.

More recently, smaller feature sizes and more restrictive tolerances have intensified the need for greater visibility into the entire manufacturing process. Fab manufacturing information must be collected and evaluated in greater amounts than ever before. The overall health of the equipment, performance, and process monitoring are examples of data collected to improve overall equipment efficiency. Continuous monitoring, on-demand data, data security and a single point of control through a single point of command are all required, with the caveat that equipment performance not be impacted.

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Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA)

  • EDA Interface A: HTTP/1.1 and SOAP/XML
  • EDA Freeze 3: HTTP/2, gRPC™

Fab and Equipment Information Security

  • SEMI 6506: Specification for Cybersecurity of Fab Equipment.
  • SEMI 6566: Specification for Malware Free Equipment Integration

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