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Which of the following provides the highest level of safety in storefront or shopping windows?
A. Tempered glass
B. Laminated glass
C. Wired glass
D. Annealed glass

Kindly be reminded that the suggested answer is for your reference only. It doesn’t matter whether you have the right or wrong answer. What really matters is your reasoning process and justifications.

My suggested answer is B. Laminated glass.

Even though laminated glass is safer than tempered glass, but it’s more expensive. Still, regulatory requirements may affect the installation of safety glass across countries. Moreover, the author doesn’t have specific statistics to support laminated glass is more commonly implemented than tempered glass. As a result, the original question, “Which of the following is the most common safety glass used in storefront or shopping windows?” is changed to “Which of the following provides the highest level of safety in storefront or shopping windows?

Annealed glass doesn’t belong to safety glass. The following safety glass description is excerpted from Wikipedia:

Laminated glass is normally used when there is a possibility of human impact or where the glass could fall if shattered. Skylight glazing and automobile windshields typically use laminated glass. In geographical areas requiring hurricane-resistant construction, laminated glass is often used in exterior storefronts, curtain walls and windows.”

Broken laminated safety glass, with the interlayer exposed at the top of the picture (Credit: Wikipedia)

Tempered glass is used in a variety of demanding applications, including passenger vehicle windows, shower doors, architectural glass doors and tables, refrigerator trays, as a component of bulletproof glass, for diving masks, and various types of plates and cookware.

Broken tempered glass showing the shape of the granular chunks (Credit: Wikipedia)

In recent years, new materials have become available that offer both fire-ratings and safety ratings so the continued use of wired glass is being debated worldwide. The US International Building Code effectively banned wired glass in 2006.



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A. 強化玻璃 (tempered glass)
B. 膠合玻璃 (laminated glass)
C. 夾絲玻璃 (wired glass)
D. 退火玻璃 (annealed glass)

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