Core Cybersecurity Concepts You Need to Succeed in CISSP and CISM

To Succeed in 2021!

I want to share my success story by presenting my accomplishment in the certification exams and introducing my books to help you succeed in 2021!

After working in the IT industry for 26 years and engaging in various business areas, I effectively and efficiently passed several major cybersecurity exams. I passed the CISSP exam in 53 days and other ISC2 certification exams in less than two weeks, as the following diagram shows.

Days Spent in My Exam Preparation
Days Spent in My Exam Preparation

Core Cybersecurity Concepts

In addition to work experience and security certifications, I am also certified in various areas:

– SCRUM: PSM Level I/PSPO Level I/PSD Level I
– ISO 27001 LA/ISO 27701 LA Courses Completed

So, it’s an advantage for me to organize the core cybersecurity concepts from multiple disciplines, such as business administration, information technologies, information security, risk management, systems and software engineering, requirement engineering, project management, agile, cloud computing, ISO standards, NIST guidelines, etc.

Study Guide

My first book introduces those core cybersecurity concepts that:

  1. contribute to both the CISSP and CISM exams and
  2. apply to the new CISSP exam outline, effective on May 1st, 2021.

Practice Questions

My second book is a compilation of the CISSP question of the day or QOTD (aka Wentz QOTD). While they are available for free on my blog, this book organizes QOTDs into categories, which helps you learn more efficiently.

Purchase My Books on Amazon

You can get my books on Amazon through the following links:

#1 The Effective CISSP:
Security and Risk Management

The Effective CISSP: Practice Questions

#2 The Effective CISSP:
Practice Questions

I hope you enjoy the journey to success in 2021 and look forward to your good news!

2 thoughts on “Core Cybersecurity Concepts You Need to Succeed in CISSP and CISM

  1. Hello Wentz Wu, I am amazed to see your certifications achievement of ISC2 that too less than 2 weeks after CISSP. Appreciate if you can share further tips of how to keep momentum up after CISSP and complete those certifications. Happy to follow the path and speak if possible.

    • Hi Yogesh, nice to hear from you:)
      Frankly, CISSP is the foundation of almost all security certifications. It’s the most challenging of them.
      So, after passing CISSP, other exams are much easier based on the CISSP foundation.
      I prefer official exam prep materials and always start with the “exam outline” and rely on official suggested references, study guides, CBK guides, and NIST guidelines.
      After I passed one exam, I typically shared how I did it in a post. Please click on the certification name that links to the post in the following link.

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