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Wentz QOTD
  • 7- I was following the effective CISSP group in facebook QOD then bought Wentz Wu Kindle books the Effective CISSP Risk Management & Practice in October, less than one month from test, I read the first two chapters and did some questions but I think it was too late to introduce new source at that time I wish I had earlier cause the book is great. (Posted by u/Basem82)
  • 7. Wentz’s QOTD (10/10): Thee questions have been very carefully crafted. They again make you think and you need to pick keywords from the questions and answer based on precisely what has been asked. (Posted by u/Worried_Strike_1360)
  • Wentz Wu QOTD: Do these, start early in your study, got to his site and just go through every question. To me, these are the only practice questions that felt like the exam. Also did about 20 the morning before the exam and it helped me shift into the mindset. (Posted by u/FrisianTroop)
  • Wentz Wu Questions (10/10) – I did a lot of these questions in the two weeks leading up to the exam and wish I had found them sooner. They are incredibly difficult and will certainly be harder than most things you’ll see on the exam. But they are similar in nature. (Posted by u/bovice92)
  • 7. Wentz wu book – really good one – It covers Domain 1 and the core cissp concepts! (Posted by u/titangod3)
  • Upper Left: Wentz Wu’s book (specifically Chapter 2), OSG – 8th Edition – my primary source of info & read it cover-to-cover, AIO – 8th Edition – my secondary primary source of info & read big chunks of it on certain topics, like cryptography, D1, and other parts of D3. Wentz Wu’s blog, in particular his questions. (Posted by u/RealLou_JustLou)
  • Practice as many of Wentz Wu’s questions as I could.
    Read Wentz Wu’s book “The Effective CISSP”. (Posted by u/Tech_Guy_Matt)
  • BIG THANK YOU TO Wentz Wu, He’s A VERY VERY GENEROUS GENTLEMAN!! Questions from FB Group Effective CISSP made me to think like a manager, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE FREE QUESTIONS!! (Posted by u/Kelvinsingh1990)


  • 7 – 我一直有在追踨Effective CISSP這個Facebook群組的題目,然後在十月份(距考試不到一個月)購買了Wentz Wu Kindle的書《有效的CISSP風險管理》與練習題,我閱讀了前兩章並做了一些問題,但我覺得這時才加入這些新資源有點太晚了,真希望我當初能早點買,因為這本書很棒。 (由u / Basem82發布)
  • 7. Wentz’s QOTD(10/10):這裏的問題都經過了精心的設計。它們再次使您思考,您需要根據所問的內容從問題和答案中選擇關鍵字,並依問題準確的回答。(發布者:u/Worried_Strike_1360
  • Wentz Wu QOTD:做這裏的問題,在您研讀的初期就到他的網站,然後回答所有問題。對我來說,這裏的題目是唯一像真實考試一樣的練習題。考試當天的早上還作了快20題,這樣作幫助我在進入考場前轉換思維。由u/FrisianTroop發布)
  • Wentz Wu問題(10/10)–在考試之前的兩週里,我做了很多這裏的問題,真希望當初我能早點知道這個網站。它們非常困難,而且肯定會比您在考試中看到的大多數東西都難。但是它們本質上是相似的。(由u/bovice92發布)
  • Wentz wu的書–真的很好–它涵蓋了Domain 1和cissp核心概念!(由u/titangod3發布)
  • 左上: Wentz Wu的書(特別是第2章),OSG –第8版–我的主要信息來源並從零開始閱讀,AIO – 8版–我的主要主要信息來源,並且在某些情況下閱讀了其中的大部分內容主題,例如密碼學,D1和D3的其他部分。
    Wentz Wu的部落格,特別是他的問題。(由u/RealLou_JustLou發布)
  • 盡可能多地練習Wentz Wu的問題。
    請閱讀Wentz Wu的書“The Effective CISSP”。(由u/Tech_Guy_Matt發布)
  • 非常感謝Wentz Wu,他是一位非常慷慨的紳士!FB群組中的Effective CISSP的問題使我像管理者一樣思考,非常感謝您提出的所有免費問題!由u/Kelvinsingh1990發布)


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