Freedom of Speech is Not a Transaction

I am Taiwanese, and I support Taiwan’s independence and 100% freedom of speech. Similarly, anyone in Taiwan can shout out “I am Chinese and I support China’s reunification.”

However, freedom of speech is not a transaction. Freedom of speech is the result of free will. Remarks that were bought by Taiwan’s hostile forces, obtained funding, or coerced by them are just a transaction. The operation of the media, essentially for-profit, requires funds and should be governed by relevant laws and regulations; the media, for public interests, is also the fourth right of a democratic society that should be restricted by the media profession and professional code of ethics.

The position of whether the CTi TV is Taiwan’s public media or China’s propaganda weapon should be clarified before we discuss freedom of speech. That is, public media are the embodiment of freedom of speech. If the CTi TV is controlled by China, it is a weapon to harm Taiwan, not a preservative of freedom and democracy.

When the NCC reviews the CTi TV case in accordance with the law, it should first clarify if it is a real public media. If not, NCC should have the courage to make a decision to withdraw the license, instead of compromising to approve it with conditions!



但言論自由不是言論交易。言論出於自由意志,才叫言論自由。被台灣敵對勢力收買,取得資助或受其脅迫的言論只是一種交易。媒體營運需要資金,是營利機構,受相關法令管轄; 媒體也是民主社會的第四權,有其公益性,應受媒體專業及職業道德制約。



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