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Wondering if you are prepared for the CISSP exam? My QOTD is a good benchmarking. If you read the explanations on my blog, do understand the concepts behind the question instead of reliance on rote memory, and score higher than 80%, you are ready for the CISSP exam.

My QOTD is not difficult. Most of them are at an average level. Some say it’s a puzzle or tricky, but frankly, as a seasoned veteran, I designed those questions based on concepts, principles, frameworks, standards, and my experience from various disciplines. I guarantee they are quality questions designed with thoughts. When you feel it’s tricky, there must be some knowledge area you are not familiar with. Be patient, it’s time to do some research and study to get insights.

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Your comment on Amazon and feedback when you pass the CISSP exam are valuable to me. Thank you for your kind support. I hope you can pass the CISSP exam very soon!Best regards,
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The Effective CISSP: Practice Questions

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