Test-Driven Study/Learning

Dear all,

If you’ve bought The Effective CISSP: Practice Questions, please do read my justification on my blog and research to learn from the question. This book and Wentz QOTD are a learning tool instead of an evaluation one.

It helps you clarify concepts and learn by topics. If you intend to use it to “evaluate” your performance, please finish the study guide at least once. It’s expected that you will score between 40% to 80%. If you score above 70%, your performance is pretty good. I believe you will feel comfortable with the real exam.

Please don’t feel frustrated, use my book correctly will help you clarify concepts and learn more!

Please don’t hesitate to comment to let me know how my book is helping or discouraging you. Thank you very much for your kind support! I hope you kill the beast as your planned schedule! All the best!!

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