Pleased to Announce CISSP Sudoku 365 (Chinese) Published

I’m pleased to announce my book, 追求高效能的CISSP: 思考導向練習題本, aka CISSP Sudoku 365 (Chinese), is published as an Amazon Kindle ebook.

Purchase link:

However, it can be read on specific Kindle e-Readers and Free Kindle Reading Apps as follows:

很高興地宣布我的新書–追求高效能的CISSP: 思考導向練習題本,也叫作名CISSP Sudoku 365,以Amazon Kindle電子書出版了!不過,目前僅可以在特定的Kindle電子閱讀器和免費Kindle閱讀應用程序上閱讀它,如下所示:

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