CISSP Sudoku 365 is Coming!

The Effective CISSP: Practice Questions, also known as CISSP Sudoku 365, is coming!

  • Kindle ebook is scheduled to be published on 2020/08/27, pre-orders accepted. Promotion: Buy One, Get TWO!

  • Paperback will be available in late Aug or early Sep.

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2 thoughts on “CISSP Sudoku 365 is Coming!

    • Yes, it is published and available on Amazon:
      This book is a compilation of Wentz QOTD on my blog, so all the questions are available publicly for free. You don’t have to buy it.
      Please be noted that this book is not published for the purpose to evaluate your performance. Instead, it’s a learning tool. Every question includes one or more knowledge points. To be effective, readers have to research, think, synthesize, and apply knowledge, concepts, and principles. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for your inquiry!

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