Microservices, Containerization, and Serverless



Microservice is a low-coupling architecture that can be achieved by refactoring a monolithic application, that is, turning in-proc application components into self-contained networked services suitable for being deployed in scalable or elastic containers or serverless environments.

Hosting Environment

Microservices can be deployed in two approaches: containerization and serverless.

Containerization (Docker hosts or nodes)

Containerization is used to bundle an application or feature of an application, all of it dependencies & its configuration in a container image. This image is deployed on the host operating system and bundled application works as a unit.

This concept of container images allows us to deploy these across environments with little or no modifications at all. This way it is easy to scale out microservice quickly as the new containers can be easily deployed for short term purposes.

Docker will be used to add containerization to our microservice. Docker is an open-source project for creating containers that can run on docker host either on cloud or on-premises.

Source: Microservices with ASP.NET Core 3.1

Serverless (FaaS)

Microservice features “scalable” but can lead to the high complexity of the management of microservices because of fine-grained interfaces. An API gateway or facade mitigates this issue.

Serverless reduces the burden of installing and maintaining servers as the hosting environment. AWS Lambda, an offering of Function As a Service (FaaS), is one of the most well-known cloud services as serverless computing.


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