A Letter to My Friend

InfoSec Expertise Blueprint V1.2

Hi, my friend,

Pleased to hear from you!

I won’t use the term “change my career,” instead, I would say, “I’d like to upgrade my career.” As an IT professional, networking, programming, security, and management are foundational skills. Experience, certifications, and degrees are crucial elements to demonstrate your expertise. So, go get what you are passionate about!

CISSP definitely matters. It’s a “baseline” or prerequisite for anyone who intends to make a living in the security industry. Even if you are pursuing pentesting, CISSP makes you outstanding! Who will bring more value? An OSCP or one with OSCP plus CISSP? The hybrid wins!

Don’t change your career. Just upgrade and build your stack of expertise:
networking, programming, security, and management,
backed up by your experience, certifications, and degrees.

Just move forward to make your dream come true!
You can make it! All the best!


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