Governance Instruments

Policy Framework


  • EU: Directive and Regulation
    • EU Directives are implemented by individual member states.
    • EU Regulations are enforced in all member states simultaneously.
  • Canada: Policy Framework (Table 1)
    • Mandatory: Policy > Directive > Standard
    • Voluntary: Guideline and Tools
  • US: Executive Orders and Presidential Directives
    • Executive Orders are unclassified
    • Presidential Directives are classified and not open to the public.
  • DoD: Directives and Instructions
    • A directive is a broad policy document containing what is required by legislation, the President, or the Secretary of Defense.
    • An instruction is a DoD issuance that implements the policy or prescribes the manner or a specific plan or action.
  • DHS: Directives and Instructions
    • Directives briefly build on DHS policy statements, policies, missions, programs, activities, or business practices of a continuing nature that are authorized by statute.
    • Instructions implement or supplement DHS Management Directives by providing uniform procedures and/or prescribing the manner or a specific plan or action for carrying out the policy, operating a program or activity, and assigning responsibilities.


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