Ten Evaluation Tips for CISSP Preparedness

CISSP Exam Prep Materials

  1. Are you learning based on a robust conceptual model?
  2. Do you build a security glossary and be able to explain every terminology?
  3. Do you build a list of essential security processes and understand how to apply the concepts?
  4. Have you read the Sybex Official Study Guide thoroughly at least once?
  5. Have you finished questions in the Sybex online test bank to evaluate your performance of study?
  6. Have you finished all the CISSP Practice Questions on Wentz’s blog?
  7. Have you completed at least 2500 “quality” questions?
  8. Can you explain the CISSP exam outline well?
  9. Can you identify or list the questions you believe will appear in the exam?
  10. Have you read the Sunflower notes at least once?


  1. 觀念架構是否能掌握, 倒背如流?
  2. 基本名詞除了記憶, 是否理解?
  3. 基本流程是否理解, 能否應用?
  4. Sybex書是否完整的看過一次? 講義是否有看過一次?
  5. Sybex書的讀完後, 是否有作線上試題驗證?
  6. 是否有認真的作完並理解Bruce的網誌題目?
  7. 是否有作到2500題以上的題目? (只能作有品質的好題目)
  8. CISSP考試大綱是否能完全解讀?
  9. 能否指出每個Domain必考的基本題?
  10. 是否看過太陽花筆記至少一次?

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