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You bought a new wireless display adapter plugged in a TV set to which you can project your laptop screen for presentation. Your laptop connects to the adapter via WIFI peer to peer without an access point. Which of the following modes is used for wireless transmission?
A. Stand-alone mode
B. Bridge mode
C. Ad-hoc mode
D. Wireless extension mode

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My suggested answer is C. Ad-hoc mode.


Source: Wikipedia

Wireless Networks

Wi-Fi networks can function either in infrastructure mode (access points required) or ad hoc mode (peer-to-peer).

  • A group of wireless network devices (typically connected to an access point) shapes a basic service set (BSS), which can work in infrastructure mode or ad hoc mode (Independent Basic Service Set or IBSS).
  • An extended service set (ESS) is composed of one or more BSSs so that wireless devices can roam across them with the support of Service Set ID (SSID), which is broadcasted by stations in beacon packets to announce the presence of a network.

Access Point Operation Modes

Within the infrastructure mode concept are several variations, including stand-alone, wired extension, enterprise extended, and bridge.

  • A stand-alone mode infrastructure occurs when there is a wireless access point connecting wireless clients to each other but not to any wired resources. The wireless access point serves as a wireless hub exclusively.
  • A wired extension mode infrastructure occurs when the wireless access point acts as a connection point to link the wireless clients to the wired network.
  • An enterprise extended mode infrastructure occurs when multiple wireless access points (WAPs) are used to connect a large physical area to the same wired network. Each wireless access point will use the same extended service set identifier (ESSID) so clients can roam the area while maintaining network connectivity, even while their wireless NICs change associations from one wireless access point to another.
  • A bridge mode infrastructure occurs when a wireless connection is used to link two wired networks. This often uses dedicated wireless bridges and is used when wired bridges are inconvenient, such as when linking networks between floors or buildings.

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