The Blog of Wentz Wu

Wentz’s Governance & Risk Model

I share one question on my blog and Facebook group each day. Those daily questions (CISSP PRACTICE QUESTIONS) provide CISSP aspirants a source to think from an integrated viewpoint.

I also share posts to clarify critical concepts from time to time. Information security is an emerging discipline. It’s not as rigid as mathematics or physics. Don’t be surprised that there are few unified or tutorial infosec materials. Moreover, there exist inconsistent or even conflicting perspectives. So, it’s more crucial to think than memorize.

My blog would provide the following benefits:

  2. Feature posts to clarify key concepts
  3. InfoSec Conceptual Model: Wentz’s Governance and Risk Model
  4. Recurring reminders: think in-depth and comprehensively, and learn systematically and effectively

I hope you enjoy your CISSP journey!

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