My Two Cents for the CISSP Exam Preparation

Wuson’s CISSP Exam Prep Strategy

  1. Be aware that CISSP is a US-based certification compliant with the NIST RMF (NIST SP 800 matters).
  2. It helps to get some idea of the US government systems.
  3. Do read FIPS 199 + NISP SP 800-60 V1&2 R1 and FIPS 200 + NISP SP 800-53 R4
  4. Know how things work; you don’t need to have them work.
  5. Think like a CISO. (Strategies, Initiatives, Policies, Security & Risk, Compliance, and Technologies)
  6. Build a conceptual model before you dive into study mode.
  7. Understand the CISSP exam outline inside out
  8. The CISSP exam is a fair assessment; be confident, trust what you have learned, and answer what you know.

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