IDaaS and Shadow IT


Identity as a Service is described as the authentication infrastructure managed and hosted by a third-part cloud vendor to provide identity and access management services.

  • Cloud-Based and Multitenant Architecture
  • Password Management and Authentication
  • Single Sign-On and Federation
  • Automated Approval Workflows
  • Analytics and Intelligence
  • Configurable IAM Implementation Templates
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Source: What is Identity-As-A-Service? IDaaS Explained

Shadow IT

Shadow IT refers to IT technologies, solutions, services, projects and infrastructure utilized and managed without formal approval and support of internal IT departments. Shadow IT technologies may not align with the organizational requirements and policies pertaining to compliance, security, cost, documentation, SLA, reliability and other key factors that determine the formal support of an IT system by appropriate decision makers in the organization. As such, users of Shadow IT systems bypass the approval and provisioning process and utilize the unauthorized technology without knowledge of their IT department.

Source: An Introduction to Shadow IT


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