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It’s common for CISSP aspirants to find nowhere to get started his or her CISSP journey. Please visit my CISSP Starter page ( It should be helpful.
  1. The conceptual model is the foundation to prepare for the CISSP exam. Build your conceptual model before diving into the details. The Amicliens InfoSec Conceptual Model presented in the CISSP Starter page is a good example. You can build your own.
  2. It creates no value reading cover to cover or a bunch of books or running through thousands of practice questions without effective understanding. it’s a good indicator for you to verify your comprehension: try to explain the CISSP exam outline to your colleagues or friends, and you will know it.
  3. Understand the core concept through crucial terminologies. Define them precisely. e.g. Domain 1: Security and Risk Management.
    What is Security?
    What is Risk?
    What is Risk Management?
  4. Set your goal and plan for your journey before you go. Seriously, exam questions in the CISSP exam are not that hard IMO, but to move through the CISSP journey and kill the beast is absolutely a big challenge. Considering all the common factors CISSP aspirants faced, CISSP could be one of the most challenge exams like GMAT, CBAP, or PMP. A SMART goal, workable plan, and determination and discipline contribute to your success.
  5. Last but not least, joining the CISSP community or groups makes your journey more interesting! Join and invite your friends to my Facebook group, the Effective CISSP!
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