How to Prove System Security?

How to Prove Your Love?

  • Continuous Time Series: I will always love you! (7×24, 365 days, n years)
  • Finite State Machine: I love you, dead or alive! (Two states)

Limited and Unlimited States

A system with limited states is easier or more feasible to implement and manage than one with unlimited (continuous) states. That’s why the finite-state machine (FSM) is commonly employed in security models.

Finite-State Machine (FSM)

A finite-state machine (FSM) or just a state machine is is a mathematical model that can be in exactly one of a finite number of states at any given time. It can change or transit from one state to another in response to events.

Secure Systems

If a system as a state machine is secure in each state and between the transition between states, then we can say it is a secure system.

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