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CISSP Exam Prep Phases

  1. You decided to start your CISSP journey.
    What does it mean by CISSP?
    A. Certification of Information Systems Security Professional
    B. Certificate of Information Security Specialist Profession
    C. Certified Information Security Specialist Professional
    D. Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  2. You need the official CISSP information.
    Which web site should you visit?
  3. You are planning for your CISSP study and need to determine the scope.
    Which of the following determines the scope of the CISSP exam?
    A. The ISC2 Official Study Guide from Sybex
    B. The CISSP All-In-One (AIO) Study Guide from McGraw-Hill
    C. The NIST Special Publication 800 Series
    D. The ISC2 CISSP Exam Outline
  4. You are starting to prepare for the CISSP exam.
    Which of the following is a CISSP starter page?
  5. You are trying to frame your information security concepts.
    Which model from Wentz Wu can be used as a reference conceptual model?
    A. The Amicliens InfoSec Conceptual Model as a mind map
    B. The ISO OSI 7-Layer Reference Model
    C. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    D. The PMI’s PMBOK

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