• Governance: the way that organizations or countries are managed at the highest level, and the systems for doing this (Cambridge)
  • Reviews: used to evaluate the content of a work product. (IIBA BABOK)
    • Formal
      • Inspection
      • Formal Walkthrough (also known as Team Review)
      • Single Issue Review (also known as Technical Review)
    • Informal
      • Informal Walkthrough
      • Desk Check
      • Pass Around
      • Ad hoc
  • Assessment:
    • the process of considering all the information about a situation or a person and making a judgment (Cambridge)
    • the action or an instance of making a judgment about something (MW)
  • Read through: to read (something) from beginning to end especially to look for mistakes or check details
  • Evaluation: determination of the value, nature, character, or quality of something or someone
  • Examination: the act of looking at or considering something carefully in order to discover something
  • Testing: the process of using or trying something to see if it works, is suitable, obeys the rules, etc.
  • Audit: an official examination of the accounts of a business
  • IS audit is the formal examination, interview and/or testing of information
    systems to determine whether:

    • Information systems are in compliance with applicable laws, regulations,
      contracts and/or industry guidelines
    • IS data and information have appropriate levels of confidentiality, integrity
      and availability
    • IS operations are being accomplished efficiently and effectiveness targets
      are being met

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