• Enablers are broadly defined as anything that can help to achieve the objectives of the enterprise.
  • Governance ensures that stakeholder needs, conditions and options are evaluated to determine balanced, agreed-on enterprise objectives to be achieved; setting direction through prioritization and decision making; and monitoring performance and compliance against agreed-on direction and objectives.
  • Enterprise governance is a set of responsibilities and practices exercised by the board and executive management with the goal of providing strategic direction, ensuring that objectives are achieved, ascertaining that risks are managed appropriately and verifying that the enterprise’s resources are used responsibly.
  • Architecture can be defined as a representation of a conceptual framework of components and their relationships at a point in time.
  • Key Assets
    • Weill and Ross identify six key assets
    • Human, Financial, Physical IP, Information and IT, and Relationship assets
  • Define KPIs before implementing IT BSC.
  • The board of directors provides input for business strategy and IT strategy.
  • The IT strategy committee is responsible for providing guiding principles for a business-aligned IT strategy through the enterprise architecture.
  • The IT steering committee implements the IT strategy developed by the IT strategy committee using guiding principles.
  • The IT architecture review board
  • The CIO is responsible for developing the IT enterprise architecture using guiding principles. (Senior/Executive Management)
  • Having leaders who inspire new values is the most relevant in the enterprise change of an IT governance implementation. The culture of an enterprise is a reflection of leadership consciousness (values, beliefs and behaviors of the leaders and the legacy of the past leaders).
  • An IT governance framework can exert its greatest influence in resolving cross-departmental conflicts for IT-related issues. When a governance framework is in place, business units are aligned to strategies and resource prioritization is made accordingly.

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