Top BSIMM Activities

  1. Ensure host and network security basics are in place
  2. Implement life cycle governance
  3. Review security features
  4. Use external penetration testers to find problems
  5. Identify personally identifiable information (PII) obligations
  6. Perform security feature review.
  7. Create or interface with incident response
  8. Ensure QA performs edge/boundary value condition testing
  9. Integrate and deliver security features
  10. Identify software defects found in operations monitoring and feed them back to development
  11. Use automated tools along with manual review
  12. Feed results to the defect management and mitigation system
  13. Feed results to the defect management and mitigation system



Your organization suffered from data compromise. A local hacker group was identified during the incident response process and regarded responsible based on collected evidence. If your organization decides to prosecute the hacker group, which of the following is most critical?
A. Timely e-discovery
B. Sound information governance
C. Compliance with CPTED principles
D. Effective administrative investigation

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A subject is authenticating to the ID provider. Which of the following is not a cryptographic function or cipher and provides the lowest level of security in the authentication process?
A. Base64 for the encoding of ID and password in HTTP basic authentication
B. Electronic Codebook (ECB) that produces repeated patterns
C. Hash-based message authentication code (HMAC)
D. Cipher block chaining message authentication code (CBC-MAC)

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CISSP-ISSEP Preparation

NIST SP 800-160 V1 and ISO 15288

ISSEP is a concentration exam of CISSP. It is not that hard but intimidating because of the limited number of exam prep materials. The following official sources are crucial.


  1. ISSEP Certification Exam Outline
  2. ISSEP CBK Suggested References


  • IATF is obsolete.
  • NIST SP 800-160 volumes 1 & 2
  • INCOSE System Engineering Handbook
  • NIST SP 800-37 (RMF)
  • NIST SP 800-161 (Supply Chain Risk Management)
  • PMI PMBOK (Free for PMI members)
  • The ISSEP CBK book is outdated but good to have


Your organization set up a new position, CISO, which reports to the CIO, to be in charge of cybersecurity. As the CISO, you aim to support the business effectively. Which of the following is the most critical task for you?
A. Integrate security into IT processes
B. Implement comprehensive network access control
C. Sponsor and direct the business continuity program
D. Develop an information security management system

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You are applying for a certificate from a certificate authority (CA) to support the secure transmission on the E-Commerce website that serves global customers. Which of the following actions exposes the least risk?
A. Randomly generate an asymmetric key pair on the portal of the CA.
B. Use a utility to create the certificate request on the local workstation
C. Upload the key pair to the CA server for approval and signing
D. Download and install the certificate containing the key pair onto the webserver

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You are the head of a public company’s manufacturing department in Taiwan as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that accepts orders from the globe. Your department has collected manufacturing parameters, accumulated rich experience to improve efficiency and optimize costs, and created sustainable competitive advantages. Which of the following is the most critical concern to protect the manufacturing parameters from the perspective of intellectual property?
A. The ownership of the parameters
B. The secrecy of the parameters
C. The innovation of the parameters
D. The expression of the parameters

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