Data Governance

Data Governance

Discovery for Opportunities

Data governance is trending but without an agreed definition. If information security is about the protection of assets from threats, then data governance is the discovery of intelligence for opportunities.


Data are encoded facts with finite states and a life cycle. Encoding is the recording process of facts in a specific expression format. Data exist in the state of at rest, in motion, or in use; they typically go through the life cycle of being created or collected, stored, used, shared, archived, and destroyed.


Governance is the overall management practices exercised by the board of directors and senior management, also known as the governance level, to direct and control the organization and create and deliver values.

Data Governance

Based on the definitions above, I defined data governance as follows:

Data governance is a study that emphasizes a top-down approach for the governance level (the board and senior management) to be aware of the strategic role of data and committed to and accountable for the enterprise data management which consolidates data from different sources, unifies data semantics and rules, improves data quality and decision-making, discovers business opportunities, and support strategic goals.

Data Quality Compliance

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